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Too often, lung cancer is diagnosed too late to treat.
Early detection is key
Our quiz takes less than a minute and it might just save your life.
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Find out more about lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer in Australia and up to 10,000 Australians die from it every year. Approximately 170,000 Australians will be diagnosed with lung cancer in the next decade.

Common symptoms include:

  • persistent coughing for more than three weeks
  • coughing blood
  • a hoarse or changing voice
  • difficulty breathing or wheezing
  • chest, rib or shoulder pain
  • unexplained weight loss
  • fatigue and weakness.

Our quiz is based on international research that is widely used to assess lung cancer. It goes by the unwieldy name of PLCOm2012.

Essentially, it’s a risk assessment tool that calculates factors such as age, family history and smoking status to determine your risk of getting lung cancer.

Taken the Quiz?
What happens when your risk factors are high

If the quiz tells you your risk factors are high or if you have symptoms, please follow these steps.

Step 1: Book an appointment with your GP as soon as possible.
It doesn’t mean you have cancer—but your GP can refer you to Lungscreen for a scan and a detailed report. Early intervention saves lives.

Step 2: Take the referral letter and the request form to your GP.
We’ll send you an email that attaches a referral letter for your GP, as well as a request form for a low-dose CT scan. Your GP will perform a thorough medical examination and will fill out and sign one of our request forms.

Step 3: Return the form to us.
We’ll arrange your scan and report. We’ll send you and your GP our detailed findings and recommendations. We’ll then continue to support your health by sending you reminders so you don’t miss your appointments and follow-up scans. Contact us if you have any questions.

Welcome to Lungscreen Foundation
Improving lung health is our ultimate goal. We’re a 100% not-for-profit organisation committed to providing lung cancer screening access for every Australian. Every dollar of profit from our screening goes directly into programs and measures that will help to save even more lives, including:
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Lung cancer screening improvements
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Lung cancer research
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Funding for lung cancer nurses
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Quit smoking programs
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Lung cancer education
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New technologies
Right now, lung screening costs money. So we’re working alongside Cancer Australia and the Lung Foundation to urge the Federal Government to introduce free lung screening for Australians—just as other countries have.
Our free lung screening quiz will help save lives.
How much does lung cancer screening cost?

Unfortunately, there is no Medicare item number to screen for lung cancer.

The low-dose CT scan and report can only be bulk billed if you have clinical symptoms. If not, it may cost you $300.

If any nodules or other pathologies are found, subsequent imaging and reporting will be bulk billed.

More information is just a click away
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